Some PR agencies adopt a limited approach to dominate the cut-throat world of travel. Not PR by NorthStar. Each step of our campaigns is handled by a senior PR consultant who know it’s not just about contacts or brand awareness. Our team can come up with solutions that can get young and small brands into the limelight. Discover what PR by NorthStar can do for those who need travel PR in London.

Let Your Story be Heard and Raise Brand Awareness

Some competitors exaggerated advertising make the travel market wary of young and small businesses. Letting the public know how your business was founded or why you created it can resonate with the public. It can help you stand out from the competition and establish that you are a legitimate business.

Every business has a story to tell, and we are adept at getting it – and getting it out there. People who want to travel want to make their own story. Finding a business whose story is inspirational or relatable can make your brand more likeable, build trust and lead to conversions.

Manage Your Relationship with the Public

In the travel industry, a single incident can set you back. With online reviews and social media, saying that managing one’s reputation in the hospitality industry is challenging is an understatement. We have almost two decades’ experience in public relations, and that has given us the skill, know-how and connections to handle any situation.

Our knowledge of the needs of the travel market allows us to create communication strategies that gets results for our clients. Whether in print, online or broadcast press releases, our clients get the exposure that the media wants to share and the public wants to view.

PR by NorthStar’s senior PR consultants can handle a spectrum of PR needs from strategy, profile building, media relations, newsjacking and establishing a brand as a thought leader. Whether you are introducing new products or services, offering limited-time only deals, dealing with a customer incident or aiming to be a household name – PR by NorthStar gives top-tier results.

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