As a CEO or business owner, you are often focussed on raising the profile of your business. All too often you overlook your own ‘story’ when it’s just as important.

Here are six reasons why;

Every business leader has been on a journey

You have all been on a journey to get to where you are today. It could be a family business and you’ve stepped into an existing legacy to bring it up to date. Maybe you skipped university to become a tech millionaire. Or, you were you turned down from Dragons Den and now have a multi £million empire. Human interest stories do exactly what they say on the tin. It’s simple, as humans we are interested in them. This is probably one element of your business story that we’ll actually remember reading about – so why not share it?

A business is just a business

Whilst it’s great to read about business progress and announcements, it’s the person steering the ship that makes it come to life. What are your values and beliefs that influence the business decisions you make? What is behind your mission and why are you so passionate about making it a success? All of these factors create a ‘human’ (it’s that word again) angle to the overall story.


A CEO who is known to be a great person as well as a successful business leader is always going to be an attractive draw for the top talent. How do you make this public knowledge? It’s simple – you make it a part of your corporate narrative and get the story out there at every opportunity.

This does come with a health warning. If you’re going to push yourself out there authenticity is crucial. With high profile resources such as Glassdoor’s highest rated CEOs as voted for by employees – this really must paint a picture of day to day reality.

 If you’re looking for investment

Whatever the scale up or exit strategy is for your business, at various stages you will be looking for people to invest in both your business and the people leading it. Why not help them make their mind up by providing a range of media articles which lay out the values, beliefs and vision for your business – straight from the horse’s mouth.

Journalists are really interested in it

If you give your team above average bonuses, free beer or provide an all round great place to work – shout about it. Anything you offer which is the exception not the norm can speak volumes about you and the business culture. Great places to work are incredibly newsworthy and fantastic for recruitment so it’s a win win.

 Not all CEOs are extroverts

Some CEOs are not comfortable being in the limelight so they tend to shy away from developing a media profile. When I’ve worked with clients they often perceive the whole process as brash and boasting. This is where a more business focussed and educational style profile comes into play. It’s based on facts and less personal information. What are the lessons you’ve learnt along the way? What are the problems you’ve faced that others will benefit from reading about?

In summary, we never tire of the rags to riches success stories or the CEO who was turned away from Dragons Den. Whatever the story, I guarantee it will be far more memorable than your latest profit figures.

From your golden hours, exercise and morning routine, right through to how you’ve turned you’re business around – there are many ways to build your media profile. If you want to find your story and share it with the world PR by NorthStar would love to help you.