Project Description

We’re Not Joking – 1 April National Price Hike Day

What’s it all about?

With a plethora of price hikes kicking in on 1 April when better to talk about how consumers can save money by switching providers?

Our mission

Position as an expert in saving consumers money across national, broadcast and regional media outlets.

How we tackled it

We created ‘National Price Hike Day’ which focused on all the price hikes that take effect from the 1 April onwards. This included everyday things like council tax, water, prescriptions, postage, TV license and dental costs. There were also providers increasing prices such as BT, EE and nPower.

To give this a monetary context, we calculated total bill of £1.7 billion across the UK or £90 per person.

We developed a media strategy to offer’s Editor in Chief Hannah Maundrell for broadcast interviews. This enabled us to really land the core business message around switching providers to save money.

What we achieved

With a total of 92 hits, we secured coverage in most of the top tier national outlets and page two of the Sun and the Daily Star. We also achieved online coverage in the Daily Mail, The Independent, The Guardian, The Express, The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Star and City AM both print and online. We also secured key regional outlets such as The Birmingham Mail, The Manchester Evening News and the Yorkshire Post.


Our spokesperson Hannah Maundrell also appeared on BBC breakfast talking about the campaign and how consumers can fight back – a great switching call to action. This was coupled with a wide range of regional radio interviews.