Project Description

Profile Building – Tam Johnston Fresh Insight Coaching.

What’s it all about?

When ex matron Tam Johnston, founder of Fresh Insight Coaching, enlisted our help to raise the ‘Tam brand’ across national and consumer media outlets it was a very exciting opportunity for us.

Our Mission

To differentiate Tam Johnston from the every other ‘coach’ and raise her personal profile as a heavy weight in her field. Tam is one of few havening experts across the globe so we also wanted to raise awareness of this specialism.

How we tackled it

It was clear from the start Tam was no ‘average’ coach. As a self confessed neuroscience geek, we utilised the media title ‘The Mindologist’ and set to work introducing Tam to key health writers across national, specialist and consumer media.

We set out a strategy to focus on Tam’s core areas of passion such as anxiety, men and mental health, sexual health conditions that manifest from mental issues and general self confidence correction. Without access to our own research or data we focussed on a newsjacking strategy – simply tapping into a pre-carved news agenda

What we achieved

Best in class and consummate professional Tam quickly built a media reputation as a trusted ‘go to’ expert.

  • With students heading back to university we tapped into anxiety and stress associated with the process, placing a byline article in the Independent’s student section.
  • We secured blog posts and coverage around national days for stress including titles such as Wearethecity, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Christmas can also create a lot of anxiety so we tapped into this secured coverage with specialist titles such as Netdoctor, Yourhealthyliving and Good Housekeeping.
  • National writers focussed more on family issues at Christmas with the Guardian featuring an article around Price Harry’s then lack of partner and how he should fend of the awkward questions he might face from family and friends over the festive dinner.
  • When the Lancet reported a study around women finding sex painful we quickly reacted, offering advice around the way in which mental health can play a big part of this.
  • National men’s day promoted a focus around mental health and suicide so we package up a broadcast interview with the London Live team. This enable Tam to promote her reframing theories about using terms such as ‘brain health’ in an effort to remove the stigma of the word ‘mental’.